Where does the cruise start?

Regular cruises (hourly, lunch 12:00, dinner 18:50) depart from Dvorak embankment near Stefanik bridge, No. 16. However, some cruises with dinner from our offer start from Cech bridge. Sweet Prague departs from Dvorak embankment near Cech bridge, No. 4. Jazzboat leaves from the Dvorak embankment near Cech bridge, pier No. 2. Private cruises mostly from Dvorak embankment between Cech and Stefanik bridge, but it depends on the ship.

Is it possible to park by the boat?

There is no parking on the embankment. Passenger can park on the paid car park next to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (located just above the boarding place across the road) or at any paid parking space nearby. Buses can park on the paid parking spot on the other side of the river bank than anchors between Cech and Stefanik bridges.

Is it possible to drive clients directly to the boat (without having to park there)?

It is completely forbidden to drive to the embankment without permission. Permits issue TCP on request and for a fee. Every possible entry is solved individually.

What kind of food is in the buffet style lunch/dinner?

Each menu is specified depending on the different boats. We can always email you the relevant menu list.

Do cruises go on in every weather?

All boats are heated and air conditioned and have internal decks and outdoor covered decks. The Vltava does not freeze, so it sails almost whole year round. There are exceptions, for example on the Christimas Eve.

What is the route of the cruise?

The one hour cruise cruies between the two locks (Smichov and Stvanice). You will see the city center namely the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the National Theatre. Two and three-hour cruises usually pass through the lock, so the boat gets to Vysehrad Castle. Private cruise routes can be planned individually according to your wishes. Of course after consultation with the captain and river traffic. Must be done in advance.

Can we take a dog with us?

Most of boats allow you to take a small dog on board as long as it behaves and doesn't bother other passengers. At your own risk of course.

Is microphone available?

Yes, most of the boats offer a wireless microphone.

It is possible to board/ get off elsewhere than prescribed place of start/ end?

Only for private cruises after discussing.

Is the cruise accessible to disabled passengers/ strollers?

Boats are unfortunately build mostly in the 60s so the are not barrier-free. We are limited by the door width. Each boat has different measurements. Generally, if you are able to fold the wheelchair or storller and help the handicapped person to the boat, then it should be feasible.

Refreshments on board?

Each ship has its own bar, where you can order almost everything that comes to mind. From hot, cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Cruises with lunch and dinner offer food. On most ships, some light snacks can be bought (hot dog, hamburger or salad). But it depends on each ship.

Are the cruises going all year round?

The Vltava does not freeze, so yes, cruises go all year round (with a few exceptions). Each boat is heated and air-conditioned.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

The sooner the better. Of course, we are able to arrange your cruise at the last minute, but some cruises (Jazzboat, Sweet Prague, private cruises) must be paid in advance. They are sold out each night most of the time.

It is possible to attach our company banner to the ship?

Sorry, no adds are allowed on the river/in the city centre. However, you can decorate the boat inside.

Menu for vegetarian/vegan?

All boats are able to arrange a vegetarian or vegan choice, however, it is limited options.

It is possible to bring your own refreshment/ alcohol?

The answer is no. Think of the boat as if it was a restaurant. Whould you bring your own drinks or food to a restaurant? On private cruises it is possible to have your own catering, but it raises the cost of the boat rental.

It is possible to provide your own music?

Yes, sure. We can discuss all options.

Can we change the table setting?

We are used to making special boards for senate or congress cruises as well as for weddings. If the space and layout of the ship allows it, why not. Plus the rental cost will raise as we need to prepare the changes to then put it all back to normal again.

Is there a projector/ projection screen available on board?

Yes, on most of boats.

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